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Residential Complex

RWA (resident welfare association and Apartment Complex)

Apartments and other residential buildings across the country are implementing composting programs to improve their communities and reduce waste. Now it’s your turn. We support RWA’s and apartment complex by doing introductory programs for their residents and house helps. We not only educate them but explain them the benefits of how composting of their wet waste will help in creating a better surrounding and reduce their carbon footprint.

AAGA a solution for RWA and Apartment Complex (for 20 kg to 350 kgs)

AAGA – How It works?

Inside Design and Technology of the AAGA ( Breathing Tower)

Breathing tower helps air circulation so that there is no stink and compost is created aerobically. 

The Air comes from the bottom base naturally and flows inside through these vents which are inside the cap. They are brilliantly designed in a way that these vents are never blocked by the wet waste that is added into the composter.

Benefits of using the AAGA

  • Can handle 20 kgs to 2 tonnes kitchen waste daily
  • Incredibly easy to use, no stir, just fill and leave
  • No bad odour – the “breathing tower” keeps stink away!
  • Can be placed outdoors
  • Operates without power
  • Modular so you can do a pilot with a pair and then add more
  • Ergonomical, your staff will not consider it extra work
  • Built to last (at least 20 years)
  • Economical
  • Comes in pairs
  • Is aesthetic and can be displayed with pride by the community
  • Leaf Composters (for Dry Leaves) 

    For your Gardens at RWA’s and Apartment Complex