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Schools and Universities

Composting for Schools and Universities

In addition to the benefits of reducing school waste, composting provides great educational opportunities for students at any grade level. Composting is a great way to convert a school’s food scraps and yard waste or universities  canteen waste into valuable, natural fertiliser that can then be added to their gardens and lawns. Other benefits include: diverting waste from the landfill and preventing the subsequent production of methane (a powerful greenhouse gas)

Gobble Max a solution for Schools, Colleges & Universities (for 5 kg – 20kgs per day)

Benefits of using the Gobble Max

  • Each Gobble Max can handle a daily load of 5kgs of Kitchen waste
  • Incredibly easy to use, no stir, just fill and let be
  • No bad odor – the “Breathing wall” keeps the stink away!
  • Can be placed outdoors without the need of shed
  • Operated without power
  • Modular, add a Gobble Max if you have more than 5 kgs daily
  • Ergonomically, your staff will not consider it extra work
  • Built to last (at least 10 years)
  • Economical, uses minimum quantity of cocopeat powder daily
  • First in, first out batch composting
  • Easy to move since it is on wheels

Leaf Composters (for Dry Leaves) For your Gardens at Schools, Universities, RWA’s, Apartment Complex